Estate Planning

When it comes to preserving your wealth, our estate planning services are a must-have. Far too many families have watched their fortunes evaporate because there was not planning for the future. This service includes but is not limited to: Revocable

Personal Injury

  How many times have you wandered who to call if some unforeseen unfortunate accident occurred. What if it was not your fault, yet the accident took a precipitous toll on your way of life. Our firm provides the peace

General Practice

It’s always a good idea to have professional counsel at your finger tips. We live in an increasingly litigious society so it’s best to be prepared whether you find yourself on the defensive, or if you have to go on

Erick R. Tyrone

Erick R. Tyrone, is the Founder of The Tyrone Law Group, LLC. The firm’s primary focus areas are Estate Planning, Personal Injury and Business/Contractual Law. Before founding his firm, Erick worked with the US Attorney’s Office in Baltimore, MD assisting...

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About Our Law Firm

About Our Law Firm

The Tyrone Law Group (TLG) is the premier law firm for estate planning and personal injury matters, small and large. The TLG will help you create your all-important Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directives that are necessary...

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